The software sector comprises any company that does a majority of their business by providing, selling, installing and servicing software that enables companies to work on the web. It includes companies that design and enable software to run programs that make the Internet work. This may also include software that is sold through the Internet to consumer or business customers.

These are the companies that create application software; enterprise and networking software.

Application Software

The Internet application software market has developed into two market segments: client application software and server application software. Client application software allows user to access information, view information accessed from servers make content for placement onto servers, and allow client-to-client communications. Server application software allows users, which typically are connected permanently to the Internet, to grant access for retrieval to client computers upon request. Examples are software for Web servers, FTP servers, e-mail servers, Internet telephone servers, name servers, and application servers.

Enterprise and Networking Software.

Enterprise application vendors are re-architecting their applications to run across the Web. Most of these vendors have proprietary development tools and decide whether to update them with Java and determine how best to manage application logic and database management. Systems management vendors will have to manage greater complexity and distributed processing challenges. Database vendors will also benefit from the move to web-based computing particularly if the web generates more electronic transactions and commerce. These transactions will drive database usage and deployment.

These are some of the stocks listed in the Software sector:

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