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How to read a Play:

NetBulls plays are chosen based on technical and fundamental factors. We will list these plays as either long (bullish) or short (bearish). We will have an updated write-up available each Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. These updates will consist of how the stock has done, as well as events that have moved the stock. The following is an example of how a play would look:

(Type of Write-up) (Date)

(Stock Name) - (Symbol) (Current Price) (Day's Change) (Week's Change)

(Play information)

(Picked on Date)
(Change since Picked)
(Earnings Date)

(Chart Link)

Some of this data changes slightly depending on whether it is a new play, current play or a closing play. We will chose to close a play once we feel the risk has become more than the reward. Our plays will try to give readers points of entry and possible Target and Stop prices.

When we close a play, we will show the profit or loss that was achieved and also the best possible profit that the play could have reached. We do not score plays to show actual results that readers have received, but rather an idea of the move the stock made from the time it was picked to the time it was closed. Below is an example of this:

Picked on Jan 4th at $100.00
Closed on Jan 11th at $150.00

Profit/loss = +50.00 or +50.00%
Best profit = +65.00 or +65.00%

Plays can be viewed on the profile for the individual stock or under the plays section. If there is anything that you as our readers feel could improve the plays, send to

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