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INTERVU Inc. is the leading service provider for Internet video delivery solutions. The company offers powerful, turnkey solutions to deliver live and on-demand audio and video streaming over the Internet, from narrow band (28.8, 56.6 and 100 Kbps) to broadband (300Kbps and higher, for near television-quality video). INTERVU is codec-independent, supporting all major audio and video formats including Microsoft Windows Media Player and Real Player. The company's streaming media services are utilized for many different types of business uses including entertainment, news reporting, corporate communications, investor relations, and distance learning.

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Next Earnings: 10/22/1999
First Call's Estimate: -$0.54
1 yr. ago -$0.28
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LONG UPDATE!! 10/10/99 $44.50 TARGET=45.00 STOP=36.00 RISK=3.5

SECTOR MOVE/EARNINGS RUN = moderately aggressive

History has served us well! We picked ITVU has a play due to it's historical run potential, and it has not let us down! It doesn't hurt having a hot sub-sector either. In Thursday's update we posted the possibility of a bullish right ascending triangle on our chart. This is where the stock is experiencing some upside resistance, combined with a positive trend to each days lows. Friday ITVU was able to break above the resistance at $40, and as predicted we came to with in $0.13 of our $45 target. Congratulations to all! As indicated, this break out is a very bullish signal, and we expect the momentum to continue higher, as our MACD is indicating a positive break out, and the stock reached a new six week high of $44.88. Since we're on a bullish note, look at a five minute chart on the stock. Friday afternoon saw a $4 rise on good volume, indicating the professional investors are showing some buying interest on the momentum. In fact, we had over twice the average volume with 530K shares trading. This indicates that ITVU is in the spot light and should head higher. Of course with gains such as Friday's, some investors will protect their rewards, so use stops to protect yours, and expect some dips. Earnings are scheduled to be released on Oct. 28th, at 2 p.m. as confirmed by ITVU. Since we're thanking history on this play, we must point out another historical fact that will help you. Last earnings ITVU experienced a consolidation six days prior to the earnings announcement. May's release saw the retrace fourteen days before. Currently, we are fourteen days prior to the release, so keep this fact in mind. Confirm a continued rise in the market and stock price before initiating any new plays.

Picked on Sep 26th at $34.25
Change since picked + 10.25

10/07/99 $40.00 TARGET=45.00 STOP=36.00 RISK=3.5

As an investment contractor, our specifications for the ITVU play are being followed very well. No change orders to date. As we continue to climb on our current trend, which started Sept. 21st, we are the fortunate recipients of our 10-dma. It is serving us as support very well at $38 now. This is the closet that we have been to it since our trend started, so we will see how strong it becomes. Yesterday we dipped to it, and today gave us a nice bounce to end higher. Although quite shallow, we are arguably forming a right ascending triangle, and any break out to the upside would be very bullish, and likely have the momentum to take ITVU to $45. The flip side to our triangle argument is the fact that we are seeing a great deal of resistance at $40. This is a sign of caution. This is causing a slowing of our momentum as indicated by the narrowing of our MACD, and stochastic; however, this appears to be in accordance with the market, and caution into the employment report tomorrow. Since we have experienced a $5.75 gain since our pick, use stops to protect your efforts. Don't let the market take it away from you. Wait for the market to confirm an upside direction, with a confirmation in the stock before starting any new trades.

Picked on Sep 26th at $34.25
Change since picked +5.75

10/05/99 $39.25 TARGET=45.00 STOP=36.00 RISK=3.5

ITVU is showing signs of gaining momentum in it's trend. Monday's move at the open, with a $2 spike, helped to fuel our trend line on the 10-dma(36.64) and widen our MACD. Also, considering the change in bias by the Fed today, and ITVU's ability to react to news, we held up very well only dropping $0.75. ITVU is poised well to participate in its earnings run to be announced on October 28th. Look for an ultimate target of $50, based on historical earnings runs, and be cautious of the pre-announcement dip that occurs before the date. ITVU partnered with to provide the Internet with Web casts of the popular health and life styles show. ITVU also expanded it's customer base in an alliance with BRS media which brings radio to the Internet. ITVU continues to position itself to capture the expanding streaming market. We could experience some market pull back, as a flow over from today's sell off. Use caution and protect your profits with stops. We expect a recovery to occur late Wednesday to Thursday as buyers rush in to get bargains. ITVU should participate in the rush to buy. Confirm market direction and stock strength before starting any new plays.

Picked on Sep 26th at $34.25
Change since picked +5.00

10/3/99 $39.50 TARGET=45.00 STOP=36.00(new) RISK=3.5

Friday ITVU recovered quite nicely from Thursday's profit taking, due to recent gains in the stock price. This play is based on the historical chart data pointing to a good earnings run potential. Although we have a momentum stall due to Thursday, and a temporary break in our trend, late day trading on Friday showed renewed interest as investors anticipate a continuation of the run. Due to these conditions, we would advise waiting for a break in resistance through $40 before playing, indicating a continuation of the trend. We see support building at $35 with a convergence of several of our moving averages. Friday's rebound provided breakouts on our stochastic, MACD, and 150 dma. Given this data, expect the break through resistance mentioned above, sometime after the FOMC meeting on Tuesday. We would advise caution before this date. Reiterating Thursday's information, ITVU confirmed their earnings announcement on Oct. 28th at 2 p.m. The market is whispering a 40% surprise which should push the stock higher. Given that we are uncertain of the FOMC outcome, use caution and confirm a resistance break, and positive market before playing.

Picked on Sep 26th at $34.25
Change since picked +5.25

9/30/99 $37.13 TARGET=45.00 STOP=28.00 RISK=3.5

Even on a sunny day, it rains somewhere in the world. Today while the market shined on us because of better than expected economic news, a little rain fell on ITVU. So why the dip today? Well, investor relations for InterVu had no comment, and said that the industry is so volatile that they view it as customary, and not out of the normal range in price. After Wednesday's gain, we can't complain. We are still in profitable range. ITVU did confirm that their earnings release will be on October 28th, at 2 p.m. Pacific time. Since they're streaming experts, it will be broadcast on the Web, as well as the conference call. We tend to agree with their comment on the price move today. Look at the chart, especially the April earnings run. Very volatile! Considering that we are still 20 days away from the announcement, it is a little early. Don't get us wrong, this is a run play, and that's what propelled us to $40.88. It is just that the real momentum is yet to come. Consider today as investors protecting those recent gains. The consensus earnings estimate for ITVU is
(-$0.53), thewhisper on the street is (-$0.38). If the street proves right, this would be close to a 40% surprise. Good reason for some investor confidence. Along with this confidence, ITVU is one of the 35 who have teamed with Microsoft to expand the delivery of broadband media. The list is convincing of talented players on the team to take streaming media to the next level. Look for a home run hit sometime soon. If market confidence persists, this could be a buying opportunity. Watch for an upturn in the stock and market before starting a play.

Picked on Sep 26th at $34.25
Change since picked +2.88

9/28/99 $37.38 TARGET=45.00 STOP=28.00 RISK=3.5

The market had a major panic attack today, as investors worried about inflation and interest rates. But just as panic attacks react, it was short lived and recovered. ITVU appeared to sense that this was an over reaction, and in anticipation of its historical earnings run, held it's own today. Its reaction kept our trend momentum alive as we got a positive momentum break out. ITVU should be a strong swimmer given our earnings play momentum; however, when a market acts as the current, even the strongest swimmers fatigue at times. Since the market gave us an extremely bearish signal today with a drop below the 200-dma, and an official 10% correction for a short period, investors must be extremely careful. Many analysts are expecting the Dow to break below 10,000 by Friday. We should also note that the typical earnings run on ITVU starts two weeks before announcement. It also sells off about six days prior to the announcement. This means stops must be in place to protect profits and capital, and you must monitor ITVU closely to detect the turn. ITVU was noted as the leader in streaming technology in an article stating that Psainc has selected them to deliver the media information to it's Web site, for e-commerce travel. ITVU's revenues and market look to grow, as the e-commerce market grows into the year 2002. ITVU has the potential, and is at a good position to buy for the run, but be sure to confirm a positive direction in the market and the stock before playing.

Picked on Sep 26th at $34.25
Change since picked +3.13

9/26/99 $34.25 TARGET=45.00 STOP=28.00 RISK=3.5 (out of 5)

TECHNICAL/EARNINGS PLAY = medium speculative trader

ITVU is in breakout mode! Breakout mode for what? Well, it looks like earnings. It appears that ITVU is developing a pattern into it's earnings, and the stock is ready to start that move. After being stuck in a trading range, ITVU tends to break resistance and climb with amazing gains before the announcement. Despite the fact the stock is still in negative earnings, the pre-cursor rise is becoming a pattern. Notice the pattern on June 28th, and how it compares to our recent position. Friday's move broke us through resistance at $30. We also got very strong turns to the positive side on our stochastic and MACD indicators. Considering the lack of market help, we are inclined to think we are in run mode. Prudence dictates we must use caution however. Fundamentally, ITVU is not ranked well, and is listed as extremely speculative. Play this only on the historical run merits, and use stops to protect your downside risk. Confirm direction before playing. Earnings are 10/22/ we have plenty of time.

Market Cap 436.2
in Millions
Outstanding Shares 14.0M
Float 8.4M
Average Daily Volume 282.9K
Institutional Ownership 26.17%
# of Institutions 60
Insider Ownership 26%
Insider Selling neutral
Strong Buy 2
Buy 3
Hold 0
Sell 0
Strong Sell 0

6/30/1999 ING Barings Coverage Initiated   Buy
6/11/1999 SG Cowen Coverage Initiated   Buy
5/12/1999 Prudential Coverage Initiated   Strong Buy

IPO DATE 11/97
with 2M shares @ $9.50
Ratio 1.02
Shares Short 278.0K
Sales 4.28M
M = Millions B = Billions
K = Thousands (ttm) trailing twelve months

Date Ratio Announced Payable Exdate

ITVU should be a split candidate again at: N/A
No split history, but company did increase authorized shares from 20M to 45M.

NEXT EARNINGS are expected on: 10/22/1999
FIRST CALL estimates = -$0.54
ZACK'S estimates = -$0.52


Last Qtr - Q2 JUN99 -$0.34      
  Q1 MAR99 -$0.31      
  Q4 DEC98 -$0.33      
  Q3 SEP98 -$0.38      
  Q2 JUN98 -$0.34      
Disclaimer: The earnings history data may include special losses/gains against earnings for one-time adjustments that occurred during the quarter and therefore may not show the normal operating income.

Last Shareholder Meeting 7/27/1999
Next (Estimated) Shareholder Meeting 7/27/2000
--confirmed?-- Proxy statement filing (DEF 14-A) expected Jun, 2000
Next BoD meeting (est)
Next Analyst Meeting

September 2, Inc.announced an agreement with INTERVU Inc. to offer streaming audio and video services to users. Anyone planning events on Web sites will be able to choose from a variety of customized online media solutions from INTERVU. INTERVU will also offer's customized event-planning Web sites to its clients.

August 26, INTERVU Inc. announced it has completed the acquisition of Netpodium Inc. interactive Web-based communication software and event hosting services. The acquisition will expand INTERVU's audio and video Internet broadcasting offerings in the business services market.

August 18, INTERVU Inc. and Teleglobe Communications Corporation announced a multi-level agreement to deliver worldwide streaming media services over the Internet. This agreement will significantly expand INTERVU's global reach and deliver high-bandwidth audio and visual broadcast content to over 100 countries currently connected to Teleglobe's global Internet backbone network. Teleglobe also will use INTERVU as a provider of turnkey Internet broadcasting solutions for internal live and on-demand corporate communications activities.

ADDRESS: 6815 Flanders Drive
San Diego, CA 92121
PHONE: (619)623-8400
FAX: (619)793-2525
OFFICERS: Harry E. Gruber, Chmn./CEO
J. William Grimes, Vice Chmn.
Kenneth L. Ruggiero, VP/CFO
Edward L. Huguez, VP/COO
Brian Kenner, VP/CTO.

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